Welcome to Growing Gray in GA

Welcome to Growing Gray in Georgia.  I’m glad you found my new podcast website.  Having worked with seniors really since graduating from college 14 years ago (oh my I’m getting old) I have learned that there is a vast amount of resources available to folks so that they can continue to maintain their independence in their home.  Unfortunately may seniors and their families don’t know what options are available.

That’s where Growing Gray in Georgia will hopefully help.  Our mission is to interview key players in the senior care service industry so they can share with our listeners and readers about the ways their companies’ can be of benefit to seniors and their families.

A promise I will strive to keep is to be very particular about whom I allow to be on this show.  In my business we say that we wouldn’t send a caregiver into you or your loved one’s home if we would not feel comfortable sending them into our own parents or grandparents home.  In much the same way I am only going to feature service providers that I would trust to provide care to my own family.

Now that I have shared my plans for what I hope this Growing Gray in Georgia podcast and blog might become its time to make an ask of you my listeners and readers.  If you find any of the information that we post beneficial please share it with your friends and family.  The success of Growing Gray in Georgia is going to be dependent on how large we can grow our audience.  Please like our posts, share our posts, tweet our posts, Instagram our posts, whatever the next platform might be, etc.

And as we sign off our podcasts, Happy Trails to you til We Meet Again.

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