Activities At Etowah Landing with Kiawanna Johnson

I first met Mrs. Kiawanna Johnson, the Recreational Director of Etowah Landing Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, back in January of 2019. Her friendly and outgoing personality is infectious.  As she puts it, it’s her job to make people smile. So, everyday, she works hard to make the residents of Etowah Landing laugh, smile, and enjoy life. 

Kiwanna joined Etowah Landing in 2014 after becoming a Certified Activity Director. It’s her job to plan activities and entertainment for the residents and staff.

Not only do the activities at Etowah Landing provide their residents with entertainment they also have many health benefits such as exercise, intellectual stimulation, and socialization.

The residents of Etowah Landing enjoy activities daily. Some of the activities include:

  • Coffee Socials
  • Exercise and the Otago Program (The Otago Exercise Program is an individually tailored, balance and strength fall prevention program.)
  • Games and Trivia
  • Manicures
  • Popcorn and Movie Nights
  • Lawn Darts
  • Karaoke
  • Live Bands and Music Programs
  • And of course…BINGO!

Kiawanna also keeps Etowah Landing connected to the community with partnerships and events for community members. From Birthday Clubs and Churches that provide birthday and Christmas presents for the residents to Easter Egg Hunts and Halloween Haunted Houses for local children to enjoy, there is always something on the agenda.

In addition to planning activities and events, Kiawanna is also Mental Health Aid Certified. With this certification she is able to help diffuse crisis situations within the facility to help keep the residents and staff safe. 

Etowah Landing was very proud to pass their Annual Survey Deficiency-Free. Long term care facilities are inspected annually to make sure they are adhering to regulation standards. With a score of an A+, Deficiency Free shows that all services provided at the facility meet or exceed all state and federal standards. The amazing team at Etowah Landing work hard to improve the quality of life of their residents and are looking forward to great things in the future!

For more information about Etowah Landing Care and Rehabilitation Centers Contact:

Etowah Landing

809 S. Broad St. 

Rome, GA 30161


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