The Gardens of Rome with Greg Irvine and JJ Allen

The Affinity Living Group has done an amazing job renovating the facility at 1168 Chulio Road in Rome, Ga.  With the high ceilings, beautiful lighting, and comfortable atmosphere, The Gardens of Rome welcomes you in to be one of the family. 

I arrived to meet with Greg Irvine, the Sales Director, and JJ Allen, Area Sales Director for Affinity Living Group and The Gardens of Rome. 

The Affinity Living Group is made up of 150 communities and is the 8th largest provider of assisted living and the 4th largest provider of memory care. Together, their staff work diligently to create a culture of family values and continued education so they are always improving to guarantee the joy and comfort for their residents. 

They are especially proud of their “Journey Activity Program” for Memory Care Residents. The program consists of 5 Pillars.

5 Pillars of the Journey Activity Program

  1. Living with Dignity (Option Based Living) – Giving residents freedom to choose and make decision while not overwhelming them with too many options. 
  2. Immersive Environment – Keeping residents comfortable with routines and schedules while tailoring their day to include activities that bring joy. From music and art to exercise and gardening, staff get to know their residents on a personal level to learn about their interests, hobbies, and skills.
  3. Culinary Experience – Thought the menu options are designed to meet the nutritional needs of the residents, the Culinary Experience isn’t just about diet. The Gardens focuses on the entire experience, giving the option to set their own table and choice as to where the resident sits during meal times. Again, bringing choice and activity to their lives.
  4. Personalized Care Plan – Focusing on the individual and not the diagnosis. Not all conditions are one size fits all so a Personalized Care Plan is created for each resident.
  5. Collaborative Team Approach – When it comes to providing care, it takes a community. The Garden’s staff work with family members, nurses, doctors, physical therapist and all other professionals who interact with their residents to make sure each person is receiving the care they need. 

For more information about The Gardens of Rome you can contact them at;

The Gardens of Rome

1168 Chulio Rd. Rome, GA 30161 706-802-0990

To keep up with events and seminars hosted by The Gardens of Rome check out their Facebook Page:

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